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Penrose P3

Penrose P3

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These tiles were discovered by >Roger Penrose, who is well-known as a physicist who collaborated with Stephen Hawking. Penrose was interested in the problem of finding a set of tiles that only tile the plane aperiodically. This means they aren’t like wallpaper, or typical tiling patterns. Looking at wallpaper, you can move to a new position, and the wallpaper looks the same in all directions. Penrose’s tilings look different if you move to a new point. This is the third of the three Penrose tilings.

Your bucket or small box will be filled with wood pieces cut from Baltic birch. A bound 12-page booklet tells the story of your puzzle.

The Penrose bucket has the dimensions 4"x4"x4" and is filled with 89 thick P3 rhombs and 55 thin P3 rhombs. These 3mm thick tiles may be all natural birch or 4 colors and natural variation in equal quantities. The small box is 4.5"x4.5"x5 is made from baltic birch and has an engraved lid with P3 decoration.The small box will contain 109 thick rhombs and 67 thin rhombs in either all natural or 4 colors and natural. A 12 page wire bound educational booklet will also be included.

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