Our son Max attended the United States Air Force Academy, and everyone had patches. The Academy is divided into 40 squadrons of about 100 cadets each. Each squadron has its own patch, and many of the squadrons display a wall plaque version of the patch at the squadron's CQ desk (Cadet in Charge of Quarters).

Max asked me if I could create a replica of his squadron's patch in plywood, about 22" across. I created the vector drawing in Affinity Designer, and cut it out of a combination of 1/2" and 1/4" birch ply to get a layered effect. Several of the cadets assembled it, and painted it:


They did a nice job! In cause you're wondering, Squadron 2's logo references the F-102 Delta Dagger, a 1960s era fighter-interceptor.

Next thing you know, a couple of his buddies from his water polo team wanted plaques for their CQ desks. Squadron 28 (featuring a stylized SR-71 Blackbird) opted for two tones, alternating stain with a pleasant natural tone. 

Squadron 11 went for a subdued look, and selected a dark stain for the entire plaque. I haven't stained birch before, but this Fine WoodWorking forum has some suggestions for getting the best results.



I must admit that I am partial to the bright colors of the original patch, so I've shown a Photoshopped version below.



There was interest in a Squadron 8 patch as well, based on the F-15 Eagle. I prototyped it in Affinity Designer based on a patch from the USAFA website:




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